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I dream of christmas

I dream of Christmas
I dream of you
I dream of all the holidays
That we've been through
The cold December nights
The way you'd hold me tight
Under the mistletoe we'd kiss
And my world would be in a state of bliss

I dream of Christmas
I dream of you
And think of all the love
We've shared all these years

We'd light a Christmas tree
While the carollers are singin'
And bells would be ringin'
Because of all the love
That you've been giving

Christmas and you
Should always be together
I'll spend Christmas with you
In any kind of weather
You are the reason
For my wonderful season
When I dream of Christmas
I dream of you

I dream of Christmas
I dream of you
I dream of all the Christmasses
That we'll go through

Santa's bringing holiday cheers
To all the little children
While you bring me joy
You're my gift, you're my toy

Lyrics to / for I DREAM OF CHRISTMAS by Regine Velasquez.
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