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So do you find it hard to breathe?
Does your chest still feel tight?
Does he sleep on that same pillow
that my head was on last night?
Does your heart still beat the same,if it's
beating next to his?
And can he take your breath the way I
could when he pulls back your
When he grabs your fingers gently,
is it like it was back then?
When nothing mattered in the world as long as you could
hold my hand?

But I don't want
to know, So please don't speak a
word, But are you dizzy yet?

now when he tells you that he loves you,
and he says that he'll be there,
I hope he feels like I did,
I really hope he cares.
When he looks you in the
eyes,is it like it was before?
Like God had sent an angel,

and you couldn't ask for more?

But no, I don't want to
know,So please don't speak a
word,But are you dizzy yet?

Now I'm flying like an
angel,That lost his training
wings.And I'm soaring like an
eagle,with power but at
ease.I'm looking over
London,and all her kings and
queens.And searching through
the oceans for gold and
pearls,But I wont watch the Girl.

No I wont watch the
girl.And no I don't want to
know,So please don't speak a

But are you dizzy yet?

Lyrics to / for Dizzy by Tyler Weinrich.
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