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Rage Lyrics

Strings to a Web (2010)

Speak of the Dead (2006)

Welcome to the Other Side (2001)

End of All Days (1996)

Black in Mind (1995)

Other Songs

(OG) Diligent
8 Aprile 8:08 A.M
A Pilgrim's Path - Remastered
Alive but Dead - Demo
All I Want
All This Time
All This Time (Acoustic Version) - Demo
Animal Instinct - Remastered
Another Wasted Day - Demo
Baby I'm Your Nightmare
Back On Track
Beyond the Wall of Sleep - Remastered
Black and White
Black in Mind - Demo
Brainsucker - Bonus Track-Remastered
Bring Me Down
Can't Get Out - Remastered
Carved In Stone
Certain Days - Remastered
Chaste Flesh - Remastered
Dangerous Heritage - Remastered
Darkness Turns to Light
Deadly Error - Remastered
Deaf, Dumb And Blind
Death in the Afternoon - Remastered
Deceiver - Remastered
Defenders of the Ancient Life
Destination Day - Remastered
Dies Irae
Difference - Remastered
Distant Voices - Remastered
Drop Dead
Dust - Remastered
Echoes of Evil - Remastered
Empty Hollow
Empty Hollow (Reprise)
Enough IS Enough
Execution Guaranteed - Remastered
Faith - Remastered
Feel My Pain
Firestorm - Remastered
Flesh and Blood
Flowers That Fade in My Hand - Remastered
French Bourree - Bonus Track
From the Cradle to the Grave (Demo)
From the Underworld - Remastered
Full Moon
Gentle Murders
Great Old Ones
Hand of Glory - Remastered
Her Diary's Black Pages - Remastered
Human Metal
Hunter And Prey
In the Darkest Hour - Remastered
Innocent Guilty - Remastered
Into The Fire
Into The Light
Invisible Horizons - Remastered
Living My Dream
Long Hard Road
Lord Of The Flies
Lost in the Ice - Remastered
Lost In The Void
Machinery - Remastered
Make My Day - Remastered
Medicine - Remastered
Mental Decay - Remastered
Mouth Of Greed
My Way
Mystery Trip
Neurotic - Bonus Track - Remastered
No Regrets
No Sign of Life - Remastered
Nobody Knows - Remastered
Ocean Full of Tears
Open Fire
Open My Grave
Perfect Man - Remastered
Power and Greed - Remastered
Prayers of Steel 94 - Remastered
Questions - Remastered
Raw Caress - Remastered
Raw Energy - Remastered
Reflections of a Shadow - Remastered
Refuge (Demo)
Run To You
Saddle the Wind - Remastered
Saviour Of The Dead
Scared to Death - Remastered
Secrets in a Weird World
See You in Heaven or Hell
Send By The Devil
Sent by the Devil - Demo
Serial Killer
Set This World on Fire
Seven Deadly Sins
Shadow out of Time - Demo
Shame on You (Demo)
She - Remastered
She Killed and Smiled - Remastered
Sinister Thinking - Remastered
Slave to the Grind
Solitary Man - Remastered
Spirits of the Night
Spiritual Awakening (Demo)
Straight To Hell
Streetwolf - Remastered
Submission - Remastered
Suicide - Remastered
Supersonic Hydromatic - Remastered
Take Me to the Water - Remastered
Take My Blood - Remastered
Talk to Grandpa - Remastered
That's Human Bondage - Remastered
The Blow in a Row - Remastered
The Body Talks - Remastered
The Dark Side Of The Sun
The Devil Strikes Again
The Edge Of Darkness
The Final Curtain
The Inner Search - Remastered
The Missing Link (Demo)
The Pit and the Pendulum (Demo)
The Scaffold - Remastered
The Trooper
The Unknown - Remastered
Through Ages
Time and Place - Remastered
Time of Darkness
Time Waits for Noone - Remastered
Tomorrow Never Comes
True Face in Everyone - Remastered
Turn My World Around
Twenty One
Vertigo - Remastered
Waiting for the Moon - Remastered
Wake Me When I'm Dead - Remastered
War of Worlds
Wasteland - Remastered
When You're Dead - Remastered
Who Dares? - Remastered
Wild Seed - Bonus Track - Remastered
Without a Trace - Remastered
Without You
World of Pain
You Want It, You'll Get It
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