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William Carlos Williams Lyrics

Adam and Eve and the City

Sour Grapes (1921)

The Collected Poems of William Carlos Williams, Volume I 1909-1939

Other Songs

"The rose is obsolete"
A Love Song
Approach of Winter
April Is The Saddest Month
Complete Destruction
Peace on Earth
Poem (As the cat)
Poem [Daniel Boone]
Poem [on getting a card]
Portrait of a Lady
Proletarian Poet
Proof of Immortality
Raleigh Was Right
Sicilian Emigrant's Song
Spring and All (Zach Anderson)
Spring Storm
St. Francis Einstein of the Daffodils
Summer Song
The crowd at the ball game
The Dance
The Descent
The Great Figure
The Hunter
The Hurricane
The Ivy Crown
The Use of Force
The Uses of Poetry
The Yachts
To A Poor Old Woman
To Elsie-
Winter Trees
Young Woman at a Window (version 1)
Young Woman at a Window (version 2)
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