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"Weird Al" Yankovic

"Senioritis (Clean Version)"

[Verse 1: Dan Lauper]
We've run our course but now we want out
We already know what high school was all about
We've had our shared of ups and the downs
But there's only one thing in our minds going 'round
It has been fun being relevant
Rest assured, we did all we can
We have interests of our very own
However, it's the kids that make us cold
They bring on their youth, they look opposite of bold
With the cocky squirts, this is getting old!

[Chorus: Dan Lauper]
Senioritis, forget it we quit
Senioritis, I don't give shhhh (We don't curse)
Senioritis, we can no longer wait
School's a (Bleep), then you graduate

When the teacher gives you essay
No-o-o-o! Oh, why, why, why?

[Verse 2: Dan Lauper]
Four years ago, we were on top of the world (we just)
Finished middle school, ready for a twirl
PARTY ROCK! was #1
Facebook was looking set and done (Tebow)
We fell in love of what we were seeing
Found our inner students that we were becoming
But now, the tables have turned
This craze is dead and there's no point of return
Here comes the new generation, the opposite of bold
They're trying to be us, this is getting old

(Repeat Chorus)

That moment when there's a test today
Oh no, no, no!
Oh, God! Tell me why

(Repeat Chorus)

[Remainder of Song: Dan Lauper]
A grade dive then, in a rage
A grade dive now, ain't even mad
Right now, mentally hallucinating college life
Sick and tired of doing homework that makes us sad
We want a way out when they reset the class
But we danced the dance
A latent success
However, the peak has been reached
So when are we done?
I keep asking you, are we done?
It's just my senioritis
We've petered out, out, out, out
Where will we go?
Outside of school, but we'll be away from bad fools
Because we are signing off
You heard me, we're taking off
Yeah, we're taking off
But the sad thing that's true
Our expiration date ain't until June

(Repeat Chorus optional)
(Song ends)

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