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"Weird Al" Yankovic

"A Good Day to Die"

[Gareth + Valencian Army]
It's a good day to die
To stand and fight until we're dead!
A good day to die
Though if somebody ever said for what, we forgot
So on reflection, perhaps, maybe not

Who is that? It looks like they're advancing on the Valencians

Can't tell, but they missed my song. Maybe we ask them to wait, so I can run out and sing it again?

Oh, we'll run out there, Jester...but to fight. Hortensians; this is our chance!

Yeah, let's do this...I'm just going to go and check things are locked up...

Move out!

[Isabella + Hortensian Army]
It's a good to die!
Though not as good as other days
A good day to die
But if there's one a little ways away

[Hortensian Army + Jester]
Well then, hey—we can reschedule
It's more than ok

Another beautiful day in the country. Here's some potatoes for you, bae

These have bugs. Yay! Extra protein

This is a day
Just a day
Like ev'ry other

Is everything ok?

We've lived as best we could

Looks like we have guests...

And I must say
Though we may not get another...
If I'm with you
Then our last
Will at least be good

Well, at least we made it to twenty-five

[Valencian + Hortensian Armies]
It’s a good day to die— (Good day to die!)
To spurt our blood and spill our guts!
A good day to die— (Good day to die!)
Out loud, it sounds completely nuts
But still—
Blood will spill!
After that, it will all go downhill

She doesn’t want to go on vacation? We were supposed to go zip-lining! Who doesn’t like zip-lining?

[Valencian + Hortensian Armies]
We will try not to die, but we will

To victory!

[Valencian + Hortensian Armies]
In the meantime I guess we can kill
And we’ll fight
Who knows why
’Til we say
With a sigh—
It’s a good—
To die...!

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