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Gorilla Zoe

"I'm So Sick"

[Produced by Zaytoven]

Zay, wut up?
(I'm so sick)
Aye scream, wut dese niggas got on man?

[Verse 1]
I'm in a spaceship out in space
I call the whip Apollo
My swaggers on the moon
In a 08 Marshalago
Now you think that you got swag
Cause you went and bought a bag
But Gucci don't make dat
And Louis don't make dat
Now I'm looking at your bag
Like what the hell is that?
Like man that can't be real
But if it is den take it back
Cause dey got you
Sick of you I'm like Ah-Chu

I'm so sick
So sick
So sick
So sick
In my wrist
In my fitted
In my whip
With my bitch
I'm so sick (We sick of you) [x4]

[Verse 2]
In the middle of the mall
Like shawty please don't do it
Dat shit is way too big
Dem not diamonds, dem is cubics
80 dollars for the chains
Boi I wouldn't do it
Dey gon tear up in a day
And boi you gon look stupid
Boy dem cannot be Pradas
A hundred dollars they got ya, (Soft tacos)
You went and bought that fitted
You just wasted all your guapo, (Guapo)
Looking at my wrist
But I bet it ain't Movado


[Verse 3]
She thinks that she's a dime
Cause you told her she's the one
Her nails look good
But her toes not done
Got a 60 dollar hair-do, (Hair-do)
And a 50 dollar tattoo
Sick of you, (Ah-Chu)
Got a tongue ring for free
She won't put that tongue on me
She can put that tongue on you
You can kiss dat shit for free
Got that outfit from Rainbows, (Rainbows)
20 bucks for those Stilettos
Oh no!


[Verse 4]
When you woke up and
You thought that you could fool da world
You can fool a couple people
You can't fool da world
I'm a tell on you, (Tell on you)
Tell em zay, (Tell em zay)
I'm a snitch, (I'm a snitch)
That shit ain't real
You know it wa'nt real
Check your swag
Now check your Gucci shoes
And check your Louis bag
We sick of you
We sick of you, (We sick of you) [x4]

Now take dat monkey shit off
You embarrassing us
Take dat monkey shit off
You embarrassing us, [x2]

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