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Gorilla Zoe

"Waka Breaks Down 1017 Brick Squad"

Man, LFJ, man
I'm in this motherfucker, man
Waka Flocka, man
Yeah, nigga, shout out to Fab 5, nigga
Hit Squad, nigga
Brick Squad shawty, man
In the club with the forty, man
And I ain't bullshitting, man
Real talk, nigga
This the Brick Squad clique right here: Frenchie, Wooh, Juice, Gucci
Nigga, if I ain't say your name, nigga, you ain't Brick Squad, nigga
I don't fuck with you if you ain't Fab 5 or Hit Squad, nigga
Fuck what you talking 'bout, these ego tripping pussy ass niggas
Brick Squad USA, man
Signed to 1017 Brick Squad Records/Asylum, Warner Brothers
And I'm chasing checks and racks

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