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Gorilla Zoe

"Intro (LeBron Flocka James)"

Nigga, I'm ready, shawty
Nigga, I'm ready, shawty
Three minutes, nigga
And we down by twenty, nigga
LeBron Flocka James, can I come back, dog?
Can we win the game, shawty?
Can we do it, Teknikz?
Man, these folks tripping, shawty
These folks acting like I won't motherfucking shoot up a party, nigga
You can call me "Party Pooper Shawty", nigga
We'll shoot this shit up, give a fuck about your momma
Your daughter, your sister, your girl, your buddy
Nobody, nigga
These niggas got me mad out here, nigga
Real talk, all these fuck niggas out here ego tripping, boy
For real, nigga
We growing grass and snakes trying to swim in that motherfucker
Swivel in that bitch
Do what the fuck you want to do, nigga
This Flocka, nigga
I'm never gonna stop, nigga
Down south gutter music, nigga
Gangsta hop, nigga
Fuck what y'all niggas talking about, man
Real talk

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