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Peter Fox

"Falling Down"

[Verse 1]
Follow me as I descend into madness
With gladness, for years I've been surrounded by this badness
No time to waste, it's high time I escaped
Out the Forester's Gate, I'm sorry mate but these ends are in a sorry state
You can't relate? Yeah, well you can fuck off can't you mate
Your heart is faint, can't appreciate how this artist paints
My art is great, it's my mind that's in the darkest place
I can't erase the memories I have of a darker days
Darker days that left a bitter after-taste
I'm past the stage of trying hard to mask this rage
I'm letting go, calling out to God to let him know
I'm falling on my own accord, please don't attempt to save my soul

[Hook x4]
You get up off the ground
Take a look around
You dust yourself off
That's when they knock you back down

[Verse 2]
No backpack, just a tramp making tracks
I'm cool like Keith, making friends with the rats
Observing how they act, they ain't begging for my scraps
They ain't cats, they'd rather wait until I turned my back
No turning back, maybe now's the time to turn to crack
I've learned the facts, way before I learnt to rap
This place is a mess, the people here, they don't praise success
They hate it, yes, they don't want to see you make progress
That's why they test, try to knock you to the ground
You pick yourself up, that's when they knock you back down
The university of life, blud, that's where I got my schooling
I know that they can't knock me down as long as I keep falling

[Hook x4]

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