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Rehab Lyrics

Sittin' at a Bar (2008)

The New Guy: Music From the Motion Picture (2002)

Live and Acoustic From Tree Sound Studios

Million Dollar Mugshot

Off Hiatus

Other Songs

#1 by Rehab
Absolutely No Idea
And Where We Go
Baby What Do You
Ballad Of Dusty
Bartender (Sittin' At A Bar) - Alt/Rock Mix
Bartender Song
Bartender Song (Sittin' at a Bar)
Bartender Song (Sittin' At A Bar) - Alt/Rock Mix
Bonfire OG Version
Bottles And Cans
Can't Catch Up
Can't Catch Up To You
Chest Pain
Crazy Girl
Crazy People
Drinkin' Problem
Eat Sleep
Escape Intro
Everybody everywhere
FULLSONG(sittin at a bar)
Gimme My Money
Girls Like Rockstars (feat. Munya & Eagle Eye)
God I Don't Know
Going Through Changes Storm Chasing
Graffiti the World
Guilty Studio Version
Here Come The Demons
Hey Fred
Him And Her
How Do I Look From There
Huh What
I've Landed
Intro (Wasn't So Bad)
Intro (Wasn't That Bad)
Intro (WFUK AM 420)
It Doesn't Matter
It Don't Matter
It Don't Matter (no rap version)
It Dont Matter Non Rap Version
Jaime Danny's Version
Jaime OG Steaknife Version
Jaime Rebuilt Version
Jesus Loves Me
Kept On Walking
Kick My Ass
King of Tweakers
Last Tattoo
Lawn Chair High
Life Is Bloody
Life Is Not A Blessing
Lightning bolts
Love Synthetic
Masturbating Death
Miss Jones
Mission Impossible
More Like You
More Like You (feat. Mandy Lauderdale)
My Addiction (Interlude)
No New Drugs
No One Understands
No Time To Grieve
Off Hiatus
Oh my
Ole friends
Rattle My Cage
Red Water
Rehab Function
Rideout Chick
Scared Of Change
Self Esteem
Shit On Me
Shit On Me (Complete Version)
Sittin' At a Bar (Karaoke Version)
Sittin' At a Bar (Original)
Sittin' at a Bar [2008 Remix] by Rehab
Sleeping Giant
So Dizzy
Some people
Storm Chaser
Talk About
That Bad
The Waters
This I Know
This Town
Waho By The Hoti
Walk Away
We Ain't Come To Play
We Live
Welcome Home
Welcome Home (album version)
What Have I done?
Wht Do U Wnt Frm Me
WHT Do U WNT FRM Me by Rehab
Why Do I Do
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