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Adina Howard Lyrics

Resurrection (2017)

Welcome to Fantasy Island (1997)

Somethin' for the People (1995)

Other Songs

(Freak) And U Know It
Baby Come Over
Coolin' In The Studio
Crank Me Up
Damned If I Do
Do You Wanna Ride ?
Don't Come Too Fast
Freak Like Me
Freak Like Me (Electro-Dubstep Mix)
Freak Like Me (Re-Recorded) [Remastered]
Freaks Part 2 (Remix)
Horny For Your Love
I Wants Ta Eat
I'll Be Damned If I Apologize
If We Make Love Tonight
It's All About You
Lay Him Down
Let's Go To Da Sugar Shack
Let's Roll
My Up And Down
Nasty Grind
Picture This
Say What You Want
Sexual Needs
T-Shirt & Panties
T-Shirt & Panties (Remix)
T-Shirt & Panties On
Up And Down
Wanna Be
What You Want
What's Love Got to Do With It
You Can Be My N***a - feat. Yo-Yo
You Can Be My Nigga
You Don't Have To Cry
You Got Me Humpin'
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