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"Run It Back"

[Verse 1: Asher Roth]
Run it back, run it back, motherfucker, run it back
Go and tell the whole world that their under an attack
No this isn't Iraq this is more like I'm rapping
Asher be the baddest on the atlas its a fact, umm
Last one that leave and the first one to be here
Roll another joint, I'll be sipping on a bee-ear
Eh, I, I hear it goes, I've been floating in the clouds and got lost up in the moment
Oh shit, yeah I know you got mixed emotions
No bitch I ain't going nowhere so quick
Got new fans that be catchin up on old shit
Throwing couple of bowls then I'm going for a throat kick
Toe tip, on my tippy toes I am close yeah, soul kid: on my hippie flow, let it soak in, Tolkien
Lord of the Rings I am the vulcan, molten
Yeah you're my volcano smoking, holdin
It down overseas, no joking
Hoes Going down on me, deep throatin, oh shit
Keep it PG for the most but, when I'm on tour know that everybody goes like

U hu hu hooo, turn the motherfucker up x2

[Verse 2: Asher Roth]
Coming back, coming back motherfucker , coming back
Ain't nobody ever told me that I didn't burn a track
White or black, does it matter, all that matters can he rap
Can he last, can he past
Every ity bitty test
Every city that he be in he be spittin with the best
Little kiddies try to get him but they catch it in the chest
Punch lines to the neck, crunch time I'm impressed
I am better, I am better, just in case you couldn't guess
Yes, peddler of letters I am merchant of the birds
Merlin of the music be emerging from the burbs
Man I got some nerves I will never go and unheard
I encourage you to swerve in but you following the herd
Server of the murder, murder server is my work
Put me in the middle and the watch them is ?
Circle is the circus and is certainly my term
But by the time I'm finished you can tell that I am burned

U hu hu hooo, turn the motherfucker up x2

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