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"In Time"

[Intro: Rhymefest talking]
What's up dawg? What you been on? Aw really? Enjoying your life huh? Summer school? Man you don't even gotta go through all of that homie. Just listen to what I gotta tell you man, let me spit this here. Come here, check it out

[Verse 1: Rhymefest]
It's hard to comprehend a brother like me
Living with your old girl, no bills, rent free
I gotta worry about this man trying to evict me
Smokers want to stick me
Chicks wanna lick me
Rumors going to war every night on my block
Now I know who's gun it is just by hearing the shots
{​​​​​​gun fire}​​​​​​ That's Bo
{​​​​​​gun fire}​​​​​​ That's Little Mack
{​​​​​​heavy machine gun fire}​​​​​​ Damn baby who the fuck is that?!
I can tell from the way that he bust they ain't from round here
Kids come up missing, you'll prolly find 'em around here
Public system graduating schools of thugs
We didn't have no swim team only pools of blood
While white boys make bombs, my niggas show up late for prom
With two baby moms, one on each arm
Only 18, pulling up in stretch Hummers
We ain't graduate though, I'll see your ass next summer

[Hook: ?]
In time, if you listen to Rhyme you will find
Yo' life, yo' choice, yo' mind
If you ready to win then shorty it's yo' time and
In time, if you listen to Rhyme you will find
(You can have anything you want
You can live any dream you want)

[Verse 2: Rhymefest]
Look man, don't let this industry take you
You did enough shows for free
Tell that promoter he gotta pay you
I done seen fools fall to their knees, thank God
Sell drugs for studio time, losing they job
Now you being faced with hopelessness
They your homies and dip
Why you acting like you want this shit?
You prolly won't get rich, won't sex that chick
Won't go platinum
Prolly make an album and quit
And you know you got child support running on stage
"Where my ladies at?!"
Chicks ain't giving you no support
Called an A&R but you ain't got no rapport
Working at the Ramada, "Bellboy, hold that door!"
Sometimes you gotta hit the bottom though to know where to climb
Take that bull in your life, roll it up in a rhyme
Depend on God and He'll see you through
Believe in yourself or man how am I gonna believe in you?
It's just...

[Hook: ?]

[Verse 3: Rhymefest]
It ain't nothing like life, these friends, this wife
This mic, this big ass house that's this tight
Nothing like a check from Jive
Going to the gas station and getting more than three dollars on pump five
Nothing like a call from the dad I never met
Talking to him like it's cool, I ain't upset
I can fight with the best but I can only go so many rounds
Ain't nothing like my homies holding me down
It wasn't nothing like my mother's support
Coming with me court, watching my shorty when I had to record
Sending them plates with the turkey and stuffing
It meant a lot to me even though you probably thought it was nothing
The only way I can be free is to be something
The only way people gon' see is when they see something
I'ma represent my part of the plan
And make something out of nothing
Something y'all can hold in your hand

[Hook: ?]

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