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"Good Ass Job"

[Verse 1 - Mikkey Halsted]
That nigga Mikkey. Kanye. Y'all know

Man I was sick of them bill collectors callin' my crib
And the filthy ass roaches tryin' to crawl in my shit (all in a nigga's cereal)
Before I flip, nigga had to keep callin' them tricks
See I spit now, now these hoes all on my dick (oh you're a rapper?!)
Like "Mikkey won't you take me out?"
Chick please, it takes more than a rat to get cheese
You can lick deez
I worked hard to get G's
You can strip tease
That's too freaky? Well bitch leave!
I'm a cheap nigga
Keep my money discreet nigga
Cause chickens keep talkin' in the streets nigga
So I keep itchy
With a clip that'll spit fifty
Make fifty million spittin' over beats nigga please nigga

I just got a good ass job
The pay is good but the work is too hard
And I don't want to work anymore
So I won't stop till I reach the top
Now I just bought a brand new car
GS4 but the notes is too high
So I'm gonna hit the club and pull some hoes
Before they re-possess my ride

[Verse 2 - Kanye West]
Nigga please
You work for UPS
I work for Mickey D's
I plotted on stickin' niggas for at least fifty G's
Run up in they crib for the safe and the keys
Y'all ain't safe around me
We done made wild stacks
Made it to Cadillacs
And still get pulled over for "drivin' while black"
While back bill collectors call
We ain't answer ("He ain't here")
Light company will have to come and blow out our candles
Now you know I got's to take a plane to Jamaica
I Dream Cash like Sega
We workin' with some paper
This spins a lot different from the Cutlass I was whippin'
Y'all niggas still trippin'
Got beef? Pop the clip in
Only a bitch would worry about his obituary
Don't worry
I got something that'll get very close to that
Burn tracks, I ain't suppose to rap
Niggas told me that
Now bitch kiss my plaques


[Verse 3 - Rhymefest]
I used to work at Steak N' Shake 30 hours a week
Niggas ain't even supervisors, tryin' to act like they chief
Talkin' bout "Get them fries. Naw, turn the meat."
Soundin' like a bitch
Hit him in his mouth then quit
Try to picture this
A king on a slave ship
Workin' the grave shift and ain't even made shit
Tell my crooked ass uncle put me up on the lip?
Drop grease, then slip, get insurance, take trips
Nigga what? Set it up
Get with shorty in the front
I've been skimmin' off the register
"Now Che..." "Shut the fuck up and do it my way"
Don't get caught on camera on your off day
Like Ice Cube on Friday
If I worked in the mall, I be sellin' Coogis out the back
Got a gig at Blockbuster sellin' movies out my 'Lac
Any job that I'm at I'm gettin' goofys for they stacks
If the supervisor comes, nigga be cool and relax
Y'all be workin' hard, I be hardly workin'
And even though our check small, our pockets hardly hurtin'
If I was a DJ it wouldn't take me long
Before drug dealers paid me to play they wack ass songs


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