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"Blue Period Picasso (Remix)"

[Peter Bjorn & John]
I'm a blue period Picasso stuck on a wall
In the middle of a hall in Barcelona
Trying to figure out
How to get down
Cause this solitude is bringing me down
The paintings around me
The paintings around me
The paintings around me
The paintings around me
The paintings around me
The paintings around me

[Naledge talking]
Let's have some fun y'all
Just gotta paint a picture for these niggas, you know what I'm sayin'?

[Verse One] [Naledge]
Now, now
See who walked in the room
Dance on the treble, see the 808 boom
Bad ass girl in the room, that is guarenteed boom
Where a place, wear you hat to the side, get a boom
You ain't heard about me get in-tune
Like a bitch, guaranteed I get a room
Make room for mister, Mister Go Illa
East side Godzilla
No one illa
Girl put 'em in three, just like Reg Miller
Hennessy and Hypno, call that Ferrigno
Call me Mr. Make Your Girlfriend Get Low
I don't care she like Lil' Jon, dip low
I'm on a mission.org
Guaranteed, in a lane, know I'm gonna score
Chicago Picasso in stores
And greatness be the only thing in store

[Hook] [Peter Bjorn John] [x5]
The paintings around me

[Mickey talking]
Uh huh. Sticky. Yo Boogie what up? Finally happened right?
Naledge, I see you. nVMe what up? Let's go

[Verse Two]
Art deco
Real life gecko
I'm so insured, the commercial said so
Street fighter in a E-Honda
Street bomber
Coulda been meat lawyer
I'm the honorable
E'rybody rise
Givin' straight facts while e'rybody lies
Critics try to blame me
E'rybody cries
Live forever with aunt while e'rybody dies
No I
That's your answer
I was born sick
Crab ass rappers left under the sea with one stanza
Incredible ask Sebastian
Drive headbangers to airbangers
Brother I'm the best painter with ten fingers
It's the Chicago Picasso
I'm New York's Leonardo
Don't get it backwards
I'm tryin' to get that Harpo

[Hook] [Peter Bjorn John] [x5]
The paintings around me

[Naledge talking]
I told y'all. We not playin' games this year, you know what I'm sayin'?
Picasso shit ain't playin' man. I'm paintin' extra

[Verse Three] [Naledge]
Cooler than a slim cigarette
I am fresh like this weeks broccoli, got me?
If rap was hockey, I'm Crosby
You're baby ass flow need a car seat
You just a backseat driver
I'm in the driver's seat with the livest speech
On the beach, so complete I'm the shit
When I reek, I release
I'm a beast
Little Verne Troyer's just Mini-Me's
That's a death wish to all my enemies
Think they fly till they crash like Kennedy
Junior, ya sleep with petunias
The truth
This not a rumor
I'm sick but this not a tumor
Platinum type tongue and a golden ass medulla
Brainiac, we the manure
Chew on!

[Hook] [Peter Bjorn John] [x5]
The paintings around me

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