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"Make America Great Again"

Well I watch the news and I know what’s what
I go to rockin’ worship and I pray
And I see the whole world fallen’ apart
And I thank God I live in the USA

Well I might not have a PhD
But those so-called elites aren’t so smart
It’s their do-what-you-want lack of morality
That’s tearing our country apart


Well I’m no gun nut, but I protect my family
I’m not racist but my heritage makes me proud
My wife’s no feminist, but she knows how to treat a man
And we want someone to Make America Great Again!

Let’s say you start a small cake-bakin’ business
And you worked hard to build what you’ve got
Then you’re taxed and fined and told you’ve got to serve
Every LGTQB and whatnot

Well we used to have a sense of humor about things
And everyone knew how to take a joke
Back when sticks and stones may break your bones
And bones hardly ever got broke


Now don’t try to tell me I’m a bigot
I’ve got a good friend at work who’s black
And I love baseball and half of them are some kind of Mexican
But they’re the good ones
Yeah they’re the good ones!

I know America was built on immigration
Why my own great-grandfather came here from Sweden
Back when the land was still wide open
And all the immigrants were European

Now all the laws are going so-called politically correct
Where less-qualified applicants get the jobs
It was traditional values that built this country
With no help from whining East Coast college snobs

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