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"Fat Fingers"

Donald, Donald
You'll never have dinner with the president
You'll never have dinner with the president
You'll never have dinner with the president
And when she see your ass again

[Verse 1: Daveed Diggs]
Fat fingers fumble with silver spoons earned for nothing
Too much twitter talk to be trusted with the button
Toupee cocked ace duce
With a Eastwood squint
And the grandest of delusions makin' moves for president
A product of racists with weak poker faces
They pulled this trump card now the whole game's disgraced
A race to erase a shitty taste in the mouth
It rings antebellum in the belly
Upselling deplorables as diplomats
With cash tax free
He say he getting money and it's funny to see
A trail of businesses belly up
Yelling hysteria
Compelling emails when every statement he make hilarious
(She) fuck with your soul like ether
(Will) teach you to speak you know your
(Not) own party jumps ship daily
(Lose) prove that you lost already
Want to see immigration go down
Elect his ass and watch most sane Americans skip town

[Verse 2: Daveed Diggs]
First off fuck your tricks and the clique you claim
How an uncredentialed rapist even get in the game?
Keep America's name out your mouth
You fat fuck
Before your precious NRA come and clap your ass up
Who the fuck let this man talk?
Shit is embarrassing
A fearmonger swearing to protect the world from terror and
Statements he keep on makin'
Media keep on takin' it
As if a crazy narcissist's ravings are entertaining
Can't relate to shit cause his life been too cushy
And keep grabbing vaginas
Cause won't no one give him pussy
And keep telling these lies cause the truth ain't been good
To businessman who lost more money than rain forests lost wood
He wanna make America great again
Like when women couldn't vote and it was legal to own humans as slaves
And you could say goodbye to Roe v. Wade
And fair pay
And maybe see a different flag being waved
Call him out like

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