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"Yard 2 Yard"

This is ugh
Omar monster, kanye west joint
And i’m the consequence
With my man rhymefest
We go ugh
We go yard 2 yard on yall

[Verse 1:]
Yall niggas hold grudges but what we hold never budges
Everybody in one fight like busta douglas
Busta you love this the hoes so luscious
This game hospitalized for unnecessary roughness
Ayo i post up on frederick douglas niggas here outta colors
Show the feds and the judges one more dead on a drugin
One more train the dungeon
When i’m aiming and lunging
Niggas could a have a payment on that onions
These onions get chopped up cooked and rocked up
Yea i give that time rapper before you see my ass get locked up
Too late the cops popped up, popped us, hella copped us with doctors chiropractors
It’s a dope deal documentary follow me into the penitentiary
Where they hid niggas fo centuries
Hoppin out the century because they sent for me
I put in more legwork than a centipede
I make your leg don’t work if you mention me
I put the ak to work for a fri-enemy
Before a enemy i died his hair with the infrared and give him a fatal injury

So if you coming to this side amma hook you up
And as soon as you get to queens boss look me
And if you ever in the hunter's dog look me up
And when you down on your luck yo that jooks is up
Consequence if you rolling in this side let me hook you up
When you in nyc baby look me up
And if you eva in atlanta dog look me up
And when down on your luck yo that jooks is up

[Verse 2:]
Ayo rhymefest, the consta two headed monsta
Now pierce and walker yo bitch’s a stalka
Suckin me off while ya kid was in the walka
Cause all my slimmies bad
Drop and give me 10 drop and give me cast
Prob in jimmy’s car time squares a hassle
Got Glock up to ya ass
I let the milli blast and popped ya sill ass
Nigga be try’na run but bullets is really fast
You trippin like white girls in horror flicks
I’m the black jason with jordan kicks
Chasing you through the forest
On my block if there ain't rhymes or courses
Mos and mo folks dying everyday in the orphanage
Gila d and torches lbs the organs
Need the money fast to i took keys to oregon
Got em all cooked so i came back with more a dem
Cause i’m balded headed the same way a tortoise is
You don’t get it as fast as ma nigga said it
Yall niggas ain't poetic yall nigga is pothetic
Don’t sweat it go gettas go get it don’t miss it
When you coming to the shop bring ya strap every visit


[Verse 3:]
Yo fats as soon as you hit the hood we going straight to the l
That’s where you get fly spend all yo cash
I take you down to 4th city get some crazy gear
Lets drive down lake shore drive the navy appeal
But it ain't like the past days where ya stroll to time square
Hood straighten up ya habit niggas crazy here
They got a place in queens but we do the same thangs
It’s called 1i2 where the bulldogs bangin
We can eat on herold’s dinner on 87th and jefferies
Cruise to hyde park where them girls is sexy
It’s so high class nigga don’t ask
Just tell em you from new york they’ll give you some ass (word)
A week ago to jimbos with them same bimbos
Throw em all the passes the tournament of nymphos
Give the homie yellow diamonds red tape
And 3 air ones the only way they’ll escape


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