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"Nobody Beats The Biz Freestyle"

Can you feel it? Nothin' can save ya?
It's just a little taste of the Chi-Town flava

F-E-S-T (the star of the show)
F-E-S-T (hard working)
F-E-S-T (Mr. Dynamite)
F-E-S-T (hard working)

Wait homeboy, hold on, how you gon' be gone?
Pass your boy the macrophone and let me get it on
Aww shucks, rap is all fucked, keep your jaw shut
This ain't Cingular but, you find it hard to keep your bars up
I lay you down nigga, taste that asphalt
Be gone little peon, that's your ass fault
Last year I got stopped at the airport
But now I be gone so much they don't even check for my passport
They be like, "Hi, Mr. Smith, can we get you a pillow?"
Why yes cause Rhymefest is such a charming fellow
I'm tall in the game, you niggas small like Willow
Top back or roll down the window, let the wind blow
Rhymefest and Mark Ronson synergy
Add No I.D. and Christian's say it's a trinity
Something like a trilogy
Rhymefest energy
Chi-Town, Jeffery Manor, that's where the killers be
Why you lames wanna dance and shit talk
I don't like to Lean Back and I can't Crip Walk
But I show a nigga how to make that shit raw
5, 4, fuck it get ready for lift off

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