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"These Days"

(Some of these days)
I wanna bust some heads
(Some of these days)
I'd rather lie in the bed
(Some of these days)
Im out tryna get love
(Some of these days)
I'm just up in the strip club
(Some of these days)
I feel like crying
(Some of these days)
I feel like dying
(Some of these days)
(Some of these days)
Woooo, thank you very much now...
(Some of these days)

[Verse 1]
I wanna spaz out
Throw a brick through a sucker ass nigga glasshouse
- But yo -
I know the time coming
Child support gonna bust in and try to find something
- But no! -
My baby momma just don't understand
I ain't rich bitch it's just an advance - but she know
She better off with some of these niggas
Whose baby dads don't even care for these kids
I don't kick it wit cowards, this my career you just rap in the shower
You ain't stackin on power, he ain't saggin' the powder
You ain't ready to ride, get your ass out that impala... Holla!
I'm on my grind, be back in an hour
I'm like a bully up in the class, whose waiting for a chance to whoop yo ass, but then again
I used to get teased, kids said they acting white because they could read, but then again
(Some of these days)
Ain't no benefit, 'fest can not lose cause he get ignorant
I ain't innocent, Jesus walked me to the Grammys
Thank you God, now I can sin again!


[Verse 2]
I feel like Puff Daddy lied, cause I ain't vote and I ain't die
I ain't a hypocrite, I hate rap music, I just love my shit
Kanye, Common, Twista, that's it
But then again, I kinda like Eminem, he be funny and dissin'
I bought his record, it's a one time listen
But man, some of these days I'm po' black and I be ready to blast
'Till I see a white girl with a black girl ass
I wanna take that white girl give her a black girl mask
But if I get a dark Italian girl, it just might pass -
(Some of these days)
I wish I wasn't good at rhyming
Cause then my dumb ass would go dining
But until that time arrive I won't play thug
This ain't hate this is tough love


[Verse 3]
I feel like a rockstar
Seeing the world from the backseat of a cop's car
But still -
(Some of these days)
I feel like a porn star two ladies in the navi tryin to play with my onstar
And still -
(Some of these days)
I wanna shun critics like bitch give me my three mics and just be done with it for real
(Some of these days)
I'm feelin' like (some of these) police is so obese
Always eatin' fast food, sugary snacks, the pounds they pullin'
Can't run so they chase niggas down with bullets
Helicopters, canines, through bushes and trees
For a .38 revolver and a bag of weed?
Officer please - I know my seatbelt's unfastened
You just clocked in now you lookin' for action
But here's a suggestion, I know you ain't askin' -
There's a man over there with a gun and a mask
Comin' out of the back, with the money and bag -
I guess the real criminal be the one with the badge
- But hey yo -

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