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"Best Seller"

[Verse 1]
Right, I'm from where ebonics is proper grammar
Little niggas squeeze hammers
Credit card scammer's, one hundred-fifty grammer's
Mover's and shaker's, watch the crooks loomin'
Type of nigga steal your pack and help you look for it
Real shit on wax, don't need no hook for it
I need a movie and a book for it, listen here
If this rap game is like the street game then I been prepared
No pressure, I be cooler than central air
Dark nights, don't be a lone victim
Young shooters turned old hitmen, where I'm from
I'm just a young nigga trying to get dollars to feed my baby's yo
My bills late, but I paid them though
My bitch annoying, that's my lady though
Agree to disagree, I guess that's just the way we roll
Now that I'm getting it, I remind her of the days
When I was rapping for no money like an intern not getting paid
A nigga was living off rhyme and noodles, sixteen-five the train
I just made thirty in a month, gosh look how things changed
Niggas say the fame made you change
Going through the bullshit, how could you ever be the same

[Hook x2]
Nothing is overlooked
Page for page cause my life is like an open book
Life and times of the big fella
Guaranteed to be a best seller

[Verse 2]
Low Impala flying towards traffic on a one way
Minutes after acts of random gun play
Shit'll get worse before it gets better, one day
Grandma said she prayed for me every Sunday
Hand to hand, lost a couple grams
Fucking with a middle man, thirsty for a lick
Hit my man on the arm, and he got set up
Caught him slipping like Stacks Edwards, another sad record story
Only a boss bounce back from his loss
Like he ain't been through shit before
Valuable lesson when you getting burned
Only when you cut the nigga off, that's when a lesson learned
Court adjourned, case closed, friend turned foes
Heating up in a matter of minutes like microwave dinners, nigga
Love and hates is the same shit
You gotta worry about a nigga when he's indifferent

[Hook x2]

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