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"Soul Plane"

[Intro: Cam'Ron]
....I could tell you how a female fake a nut for a relationship
Or how a nigga fake a relationship for a nut
How a smart nigga can play stupid but a stupid nigga can't play smart
But I'd rather just tell you about me and the things I do...You ready baby?

[Verse 1: Cam'Ron]
Got the fiends dancin, like Soul Train
Stamp on the dope, Soul Plane
They losin hair, get em Rogaine
Sell Kung-Fu, nothin like Coltrane
To keep you informed, won't catch em in a uniform
Before that, you'll see a unicorn
I blew the horn
Two girls hopped in
Oh-ten nine-eleven, homie I'm boxed in
Don't start a mess, Ima architect
Ya bum ass shirt stink, it need Carpet Fresh
White tee, Louis jeans, my Audemar the best
Two chains, hat, please don't disregard the specs
They from Switzerland, boy-boy I gits it in
Money all around the world where you niggas friends?
Actually, factually, a car you livin in
I'm three times coke baby, I need the dividends


[Verse 2: Vado]
As I'm sittin on this mailbox
Waitin for my bitch to leave the nail shop
Auntie lookin at me like I sell rock
Point-blank range, call it shell-shock
I, started off makin ounce moves
Was invited to a dinner with The Council
Two-piece, black rose on my brown suit
In two weeks, I was eatin with my mouth full
In the streets like the seventies
Long Cadillacs, bumpin Frankie Beverly
Mama known to work and go to church faithfully
I ain't gotta ask, every day she pray for me
She knew soon I'd be seven up
By the window like X with my weapon up
Fuck ya intro I'm the next best gunner up
Stand in first place with my medal yous a runner-up


[Verse 3: Cam'Ron]
Niggas runnin around, wit street dreams
Til I put em to sleep - Sweet dreams!
I played dirty, so I keep clean
The back of Deleanor is where I meet fiends
Got the whole plate, you don't have three beans
Did Eighth with a eighth in Lee jeans
Tonight, got the chauffeur
Showin off the loafers
You cowards: turkeys, the bullets: Stouffer's

[Verse 4: Vado]
Dom P, Cliq, and Rose
Fruit bowls, few hoes, on the Dolce
OG's round the table but I won't say
Let's make a toast to everyone on the coke chase
Coupe rose, two-tone, parked with no plates
You too close, you gotta ask, can you approach me?
I told em sports wasn't my forte
How can I be like you, and get all this dope cake?

[Outro: Vado]
Let me know, you feel me right?
Live niggas know the game its sad but they ain't got the change to play it
You talk a good one, but are you good son?
Keep it real wit ya self
Before you end up dealin wit ya health, man
You know me, Vado!

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