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"Wake Up"

[Verse 1]

It's no rules no parameters
Started off in high school was an amateur
Copping shit you can't move builtt the stamina
I told my youth make moves don't let em' stand witcha'
Checks blank 100 K or more?
Grab the vases, fill the tank
Lets make a bank tour
Whatever you seen I seen more
Plenty beef your heat freeze I squeezed off
Phantom hard top but the seats soft
My man up looking down on me like a seesaw
I don't know what happend before but times is rough I need enough to make my feet warm

[Hook] 2X
I woke up to some haze holding my pen steady
They say the Lord on his way tell him I been ready
As I inhale to the song
It's obvious that where I'm from was hell all along

[Verse 2]
I heard enough like enough is enough
I see a lot of rappers coming from under that bus
No matter what they ain't fucking with us
Every Line is a uppercut plus one to the gut
Ask Bishop I had the best Juice
Can't be cool with em n**** only respect shoot
Check scams credit cards we did it
Build a plan my advance gon get all the equipment
The streets talking I always will listen
Always think on the money so I'm Paying attention


[Verse 3]
They Like man that kid glow
In a pepto bismol color gran turismo
After me there is no That could? head crack leave with his dough
That make them sick to they stomachs
Throwing up on this shit cause I don't spit I vomit
Heavy grip four fifth lift if you want it
Every trip whole clique even N***** with warrants
I'm like Nino I see money
The world is mine there's really no need for G money
Your girl is mine you eating but see your team hungry
That's word to mine them fingers can't take a thing from me


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