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"Now On"

[Intro: Vado]
Money outta violence and drugs only
Vado be that muthafuckin thug only

[Hook: Chinx Drugz]
Run this shit from now on (x4)
Nigga got the game by the throat
Fly shit'll leave ya ass smoked (pop pop pop..)
Hatin' niggas wishing that I choked
Run this shit from now on (x4)

[Verse 1: Vado]
I never seen a man cry till I seen a man die
But at the same time, I seen a man ride
Cold pistol on the side, watch his hand rise
If you official on your side, throw your gang sign (Slimmme)
Its all G cause we all G, less than a key that's a small t
What size t-shirts that you all need?
Rich niggas bleed first for more greed
You all ready, smoke and pour Henny
Can't wait to yell welcome home Remy
Throwing platinum just to match the chrome semi
Hustlers know many, magic sold pennies
Jersey pen strike, word he been nice
The wordplay been tight, she burn when his pen right
Ya heard? Let's get right, I burge, my click hype
They sell that pitch white, to earn and live life

[Hook: Chinx Drugz]

[Verse 2: Ransom]
Shawty said I'm realer than her man friend
Shit.. I ain't even gotta shake his hand now
Baby I'm a shooter, betta run and tell yo man then
I ain't no musician, but I brought a couple bands in
I'm realer than most, popped the tequila to toast
I'm live in the hood, but I'll appear in the ghost
Nigga declare me the goat, bitches be clearing they throat
Haters be swearing I'm broke, I disappear in a boat
Vibing and grooving, I'd die for my Cuban
Pop the trunk, got a choppa the size of a human
I'm tryna be calm, shawty be eye-ing the charm
I go right for the thong, while she reciting my song
My life is the bomb cause I got blow in the stash
Momma chauffeur the Jag, go for broke on the gas
Couple O's on the dash, you tryna hit?
All she want is a Coke and a bag
And some coke on the glass

[Hook: Chinx Drugz]

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