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"Do Your Thing"

[Intro: Vado]
These niggas can't be hataz all their life
I just leave em broken miserable
Bank Sinatra, we the best
I dont see the rest

[Verse 1: Vado]
Yo Figures done elevated
My niggas they never hated
My bezel is segregated
But level is underated
You [?], you mustve made it
Well send it, a hundred K it
Living I'm fucking famous
I'll buy it like fuck the payment
Try me you fucking brainless
The stainless in here whoever
You playing I kid you never
I'm saying like did you ever
G4 it to skip the weather
Move more of it flip the better
Cars on different levels
You bored lets get this chedder

[Troy Ave]
More base then a lil bit
Gold face and the [?]
Slow take with the sugar hips
Real niggas salute you
Do your thing bitch!

(Do your thang bitch)
You take care of your bizz, do your thing bitch
A bag of money you is, do your thing bitch
Dont need a nigga to live, do your thing bitch
A real nigga salute you, do your thing bitch

[Verse 2: Troy Ave]
Slow though, I give a fuck where a ho at
Where the real bitches giving throat at?
And if they broke, they down for you
They'll hold that
Picture base, got us where he sending cold facts
How he went from Jersey
All I fliped was o-packs
I had to let it go
Wish I had it on low chat
If I could find her now
I'll would tell her I know that
Real bitches are rare
I mean treat you like a dormat
Living with regrets, on to the next
Got a lil broad, scheme cars plus checks
I ain't into that, but she keep a nigga fresh
I just keep her coming back for the good sex
Hoes love my energy, I hate when they an addict
I trust when they independent n go out and get it
A weave who retrieves, keep a G thats for me
I know his mamma say the same ain't that right V?


[Verse 3: Vado]
Yo, I'm known to bubble figures
And get it you hustle quicker
I'm slicker, my muscle thicker
I shiver when fucking with ya
You weak, stepped in the puddle thats deep
She needs more cups of the liquor
I'm bout to hit up [?]
Yo bring a couple on me
Hold up hold up, where dem slimes at
My team n a few in here's in the dirt like a line back
You thinking you steel but them bishop soon as the nine clap
No juice in the fridge but I'm thirsty, I'm a find that
Where them dimez at?

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