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"When We're Done"

[Hook x2]
Not everybody lives, but everybody dies
So while a nigga here, I’m shooting for the sky
Landing on the moon, walking on the sun
Taking over the game, give it back when we done

[Verse 1]
Uh, 10 Thousand hands in the air, have you ever seen
Work 9 to 5 but 5 to 9, do you ever dream?
They in the red, but my stock is green
Proud like I’ve reached the clouds, all off a bean
Dreams on lucid, films on Lucas
Sound on surround and the crowd on stupid
Who that chick D on? That’s Dionne on Clueless
You circlin' around the money, sittin’ in a cubicle
Field of Dreams, they said I’m too corny
Funny I got they ears all on me
Fears all gone and my peers all wrong
So keep your 2 cents in every phrase y’all coining
That’s just common sense, all the hate I honored it
I don’t leap, I quantum it
I don’t answer, I problem it
I just drop shit, while they askin' where the colonic is
Pinky, you know what I’m pondering?


[Verse 2]
They said I smile too much to be a a-hole
And these girls is too much for me to take home
Bad as Beyonce, could be a fiance
But, she way too horny to have a halo
And these niggas ain’t on me like I’m a J.Cole
More work for me, just more persons to see
That one day that kid out of Kansas could be a J Hov
Cut 'em slack cause same cats said not to rap
I’m overly optimistic, maybe a dream chaser
After some things that I’ve seen on screensaver
Turn a lions' den into a king’s lair
No wonder they say “Vizzy where you’ve been player?”
Where the wild things are and the kids wear crowns
When we don’t eat supper, we just tear that bitch down
Said we was grounded, but we far from the ground
Crossed all our T’s dotted I’s on the clouds, now


[Break x2]
Hands in the air we reaching for somethin', believing in nothin'
But fuck it man, we want everything
Uh-huh, we want everything
Uh-huh, we want everything


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