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"Hey Muma"

[Verse 1 - Cam'ron]
Yo, girl: get a notepad (for what?)
You ain't got no swag!
And you so fine...it's so sad
Still riding coach, need a Coach bag
Let me coach you, no Coach tags (what does that mean?)
Get rid of that Coach bag!
And listen, I ain't trying to throw jabs
(Damn!) Why you gettin so mad?!
Only one that deal with Cam is a queen
Louis handbags, Alexander McQueen
Yeah, stand up I'm mean
For how I handle my team, clean
Harlem niggas don't wear sandals with jeans
Car, scale, gun: I can handle the Beam
Nickel, dime, twenties...I can handle the fiends
So...hey Muma, que pasa?
I'm water, baby: agua

Hey yo, muma!
I'm saying
Can I come over? Cause
I'm not playing
Bend your ass over, uh, I'm not waiting
And if I'm sober, I'm blazing. Hey!

[Verse 2 - Vado]
Hold up, (*spit sound* khat tou) let the Slime spit
Need these first three rows, let my slimes sit
Icy, make it hard to see the time tick
Me and my fine chicks, with glasses of wine, lit
Your money can't provide this
"Hi miss" the answer's "yes, your Highness"
"Try this! Only I can supply this"
Reply this, you'll only see me in fly ish
If I don't know you, I hope not to
Trying to play a tough role? I'm like "not you"
Earl Boykins I'm D Rose: I got you
Under the sun is where we pose
We hot, duke
What I did to the booth
We spinning in the coupe
While UN members salute
I'mma keep it trill: I'm the living proof
Telling me to chill is like stoppin' Kemba to shoot


[Verse 3 - Cam'ron]
In the hood where I creep trying to hook me a freak
Want to see what girl around here could put me to sleep
Could mean a hotel, could mean a suite
Could mean tuition, could mean a Jeep!
Damn those bougie-ass women
When we jump out of Lambos
Car, neck, hand froze
Damn, yo! Cameras, stand, pose
Therefore, watch her ‘fore Cam goes

She go down, I’m tryna get the top
Me, Lee, ? and chop
How to hit the block: e, weed, piff, and rock
Before the DT’s get the watch
The neighbors watch, all day switching spots
I’m in the hood like (muma)
What’s really, whats good (Franck Muller)
Gun 50, black hood (same shooter)
Blowing sticky black wood (straight ruler)


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