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"Out Here"

18rd on the tune up
Who else wanna check it

V1: Smoke DZA
Riiight...Kush god none other
I been a cold muh fucka/word to mother
I’m ill, nigga. Dat nice one
90’s slang/Tell niggas my shit is butta
Uh...I talk that bud shit better
Don’t get it fucked up/nigga still gutta
My set is ill/ test my skills
Nigga don’t write a check that yo ass can’t cover
Uh/80 deep in this bitch tho
My little homeys get it poppin wit the big bro
Nigga front/nigga quick to let this shit go
Comin thru unannounced/see brother man from the fifth flo
Uh…we mobbin. We ain’t wit no long line shit/we all in
I ain’t got time for promoter games
Check the guest list: it just say “Harlem”
We lo’d out/we smoked out. We all came wit paper
These niggas pay the admission.We go to parties and they pay us
Right…shit too wild. They can buy bottles but they can’t buy style
Got more flow than the whole new crowd
Fuck who got next, nigga we got now

[Hook: ASAP Twelvy] x2
80 deep in this bitch tho
And my Billy love got the beast in his trench coat
And I got the D in ya bitch throat
Harlem world boy/it’s a real nigga expo
All my real niggas like “Lets go”
Slide thru ya city like a Metro, LETS GO

[V2: Vado]
Rugby segal/my money is nothing legal
You front and I come and see you/zip hoodie covered the eagle
Duckin them people/for pushin what come in needles
I’m pullin up in the regal/get popped like one of The Beatles
2k a table, I need 5/ It’s me, LA, MK and GY
Dee1 might come thru wit 3 slimes. So you already know that he comin wit 3 nines
I’m always good. I be fine
Can get you pushed back like ya seat don reclined
I’m tryina relax. I need wine
Smoke a little weed wit this broad, Then DB9
Them G’s out. We Button up them shirt and fatigue’d out
Chuck T’s high sox to the knee’s bout/It’s rugby non-stop till I’m cleaned out
We climbin/we grindin/there’s no weight? Then, work them dimes then
You shinin/I’m like Hyman Roth all set in perfect diamonds
My watch is worth your signin/I call that perfect timing
I’m in the trap/two straps in the lin in/get do/lay lo can’t find him

[Hook: ASAP Twelvy] x2

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