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"This Is How We Do It"

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
I said one rental two bricks
One chance two glits
One man stay away from niggas with the loose slips
One hood two strips
One pot two crisps
Supposed to keep that paper in a place where you can do shit
First you find a youngin that can run and it can move quick
See what he can grab then front him that right after two flips
Got to put him on the boat he selling like a cruise ship
But make sure he ain't pussy if they rush you let that tool spit
Cool then, right before you know it you be movin'
Keep it to the [?] you gon' keep the fiends groovin'
Make sure you can keep a nect that can keep them things movin'
Cause shit these niggas selling it be loosin' prove it
Once the money rollin' all the bitches get to choosin'
And niggas get to hating, you winning and they loosin'
That's how I get for the money though
Them niggas in the way should my advice I say fuck 'em though

[Hook: Mike Knoxx]
We got our hands in everything this is how we do it
You want to get that dough we gon' show you how to do it
You trying to move that work we gon' show you how to move it
You chop it then you bag it let your block run through it
Come on come on come on come on
We got our hands in everything this is how we do it
This is how we do it this is how we do it

[Verse 2: Beanie Sigel]
Block still poppin'
Shit still jumpin'
Fiends still coppin'
Money still comin'
Damn its like I ain't skipped a beat
On a corner with that mag in my bag like Meek
The coke price up and down niggas rather sell weed
Nah I don't fuck around, paying what that scale read
Yeah, I'm back to the block with it
I back in that kitchen with the pot with it
Arm getting stiff when I pop whip it
Pushed rocks since Flavor Flav clocked wit it
No braids waves under the Sox fitted
Black Dickies Chuck Taylor's no socks with it
Getting paid like Eric B. and Rah with it
Check out my melody
Twenty-nine arrests and two felonies
Who getting down man you better be
And laying it down forever, B
The way I hold the fifth so steadily
Shit make a nigga lose his memory
Peed Crack flow props like a Kennedy
Bust a remedy
I cause injury
Bean Mack you insane you ain't into me
I used to pop pin balls and play centipede
Now I pop pin balls at my enemies
Playing with that sawed off [?]

[Hook: Mike Knoxx]

[Verse 3: Mel Love]
I said I grind now to shine later
Trapping tying to get this paper
I got poor puppeteer
Steer niggas escalator
Gear niggas touch his paper
Get hooked to a respirator
Hit him in his back and watch his chest just break up
I said I be on the south side
Banging up my tool boy
Bitches say I'm ignorant Jamaican style rude boy
Beat they shit like Timberland then jump back in my groove boy
Slim Shady Eminem
Maybach we be giving them
Sandy brown cinnamons the post stay with my men in them
They go nuts like M&M's
Throw nuts up out this M and M
Nine milli pop wheelie pump up my adrenaline
Circles how I'm getting them
Them blocks is what I get it off
Circles like I'm spending them
Them blocks is where we get it all
Thirty shot clipping them
So ask him what he's hitting for
Uh, I said I'll show you how to do it
Quarterback I'll show you how to move it

[Hook: Mike Knoxx]

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