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[Intro: Meek Mill]
Hey hey hey hey hey
Hey hey hey hey hey hey
We getting money bitch

[Hook: Meek Mill]
Thirty thousand that's a brick on me
The nigga steady hating but his bitch on me
She say she love the way them diamonds glist on me
You gon' need some prune juice you trying to shit on me

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Thirty thousand, nigga that's a brick
Thirty shots up in this ladder nigga that's a clip
North side who ya with
I got some south side shooters that'll do you quick
I got some west side niggas that'll move the bricks
And some east side niggas that'll do the shit
It's the hustle in the building we moving bitch
Diamonds in that Audemar that's a stupid wrist
Ya I got stacks on deck
My nigga Me just hit me up said he back on deck
Everywhere I move around I keep a strap on deck
A nigga act like its a movie and get clapped on set
Talking money I'm 'bout that
A nigga say its beef I'm thinking Outback
Forty [?], pussies go back
I met her ten minutes, the seven with the top back

[Hook: Meek Mill]

[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
Rockstar lifestyle Mike don't make it
Bottles of Ciroc shit I might, don't chase it
Told it to the feds that I ain't got no [?]
My niggas only fuck with that white they racist
We balling, I'm talking Spalding
You's a weirdo, I'm talking Carlton
At the club I tell [?] to let me bartend
Give it to the waiter tell the hoes its open bar then
I'm like hater how you been
Brought my glizzy to the club and you know I got it in
Baby I want a ménage and I know you got a friend
Allergic to losing so you know I gotta win
I'm white boy fucked up
Run and tell them other pussy niggas that their luck's up
Trash ass bitches I'mma put them in a dump truck
[?] you bumped up

[Hook: Meek Mill]

[Verse 3: Meek Mill]
Whip talk for me it say nigga you ain't as strong as me
Watch talk for me it say bitch you coming home with me
Glock talk for me it say you don't want to rumble me
If you swing a punch them shots gon' sting you like a bumblebee
You heard me that's real rap
Cocaine colored range where Phil at
When I pull up in an Aston I killed that
Shitting on these niggas I ain't even sign a deal yet
I'm gone

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