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[Intro: TBM Radio] Dj Tiny T
When I was at that motherfucking block party
That bitch met with a fat, uh
Talking about she was gonna give me that vag after that night
Oh, oh, shit!
Yeah! We laugh, this is TBM radio
You're rocking out with your boy
I got some boys on deck
And this boy, he go by the name Fred The Godson!
Frederico, talk to him!

[Verse 1: Fred The Godson]
I was awarded like Macklemore with the Mac and four
Born a rapper, born, cracking the back for show
Black Cadillac in the back with forty racks to roll, aha
Let's get back, applaud for the way that the God rapped
It's a gift 25th the clause in the contract (get it?)
This is so different, you listen, she listen
Knowing that this what you both been missing
She seen a lip on the rim
And now both of us kissing, tell the crew
I bend her, she hooked like a Kareem
Tell her, Lew, Alcindor, (WOW)
It's getting hot in here Nelly
I'm in the telly, she knows that I'm balling out
She can't be wifey, and it's raining
So now this bitch storming out
It's Frederico, swag of a gigolo
Fat boy's back, black bam bam Bigalo
It's no way I don't notice me
You hear the floetry

[Skit: TBM Radio] Dj Tiny T
Ha, ha, ha there you have it, like I said
TBM radio, we play nothing but the hottest shit
The hottest shit!
Yo! We got a caller, caller, what's your name?
Hello? Caller, we live!
Nigga, what that?
Listen, Hang that shit up, Dizzy Wright
Talk to em, Dizzy!
Go ahead, baby!
Vegas! Get on that mic!

[Verse 2: Dizzy Wright]
This what yall you're asking for (asking for)
I'm that dope that chance the rapper, used that acid for
These niggas is rapping, less and acting more, we after yours!
No fucking around, we coming for fans dawg
I'm the man on tour!
Better get your tickets, ain't no mentions, whenever you fail to pretend to
Mary Jane is always on the menu, nigga bring it to the venue!
Don't get me no bullshit excuse before I pop in your city
And turn them against you (against you)!
So if you love rapping, you know what rap concerts you need to attend to
And that's real!
Got me floating off in this chill mode
Mix my floetry with these ill flows
Kicking you haters with steel toes
And they didn't even know it was me
I usually stray away from the weirdos
As I'm breaking down my cigarillo
What do you think all this weed here for?
Nigga, we don't need nothing for cheap!
Wait! We don't do nothing for free
This year I got to eat
Best believe you turn into a fan
Couple shows, couple songs, couple tours
Turn around and be the man, yeah!
I've seen it before you even knew it that I was a genius
I'm coming at niggas the meanest
I mean it's not hard to be me
You know that your weed is the greenest
I'm trying to be great

[Skit: TBM Radio] Dj Tiny T
I'm sorry!
We're back! TBM radio, where we smoke
I mean, we play nothing, but the hottest shit!
You got this, boy?
Chevy Woods from that Taylor Gang
I see you out there, boy
Keep getting your shit!
Listen, Chevy Woods, I'mma leave it up to you!
And this shit off right
Floetry and I'mma keep smoking this good old raw

[Verse 3: Chevy Woods]
Taylor made suit so playa just let the trumpets play
You can't supply me the whole thing
Then there ain't much to say
That attire your wife bought outta sax for me
They're shooting three like Millers
Still got the mac on me
No need for shaking your hand if I don't fuck with you
They ricochet off houses
You never ducked pistols
Four and a half to a kilo
I made that jump before
Better hit that toilet and flush it before they rush the door
Man this that wave word to big [?]
Gotta even cut friends off if them niggas tell
You're telling stories to people who never peddle shit
Ask them what I did in droughts man I sat on bricks
Hustler, they know it, ain't gotta tell em' twice
Two times better than dead, yeah, I was twice as nice
In a city, on a block, where you could lose your life
My old head just gave me good advice, you understand?

[Outro TBM Radio] Dj Tiny T voice
There you have it! Floetry in motion
Three of the hottest up and coming
Fred The Godson, Dizzy Wright, Chevy Woods
And I'm your host with the motherfucking most
You know we live on this TBM radio
Hey, listen! Hey, hey
Get that muthafucka [?] on that ice, and uhm
Make sure the bitches on deck
Ha, ha, Floetry in motion
Fat Boy Fresh!
Come on!

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