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"She Call Me God 2"

Uh, haha, I'm so fat boy fresh
She still call me god y'all

[Verse 1: Fred The Godson]
She like Fat's nice, you know the god blessed her
7-50, black ice, car freshener
Uh, rhyme's Billy Dee
She know I got a wife, what can we really be?
She tellin her friends about me
Where we been, then we outtie
2 whips back-to-back, Benz and an Audi
That’s how I service
Don't wanna leave her deserted like Saudi
Arabia, bad bitch but I play with her
You probably get nervous, don't know what to say to her (haha)
I'll take her on the road, probably rent a van
I don't get bitches who don't follow me on Instagram, ha
I'm sorry, I'm just showin off
The ice ma, in my, Miami Cuban goin off (woo!)
The streets still say I'm hard
And if her phone off, I bet she still call me god, uh

Yeah, she call me god y'all...
She call me god y'all...

[Verse 2: Fred The Godson]
She said I move like a mobster
Put the chicken Parmesan right over the pasta
Then a massage follow
Then she ask for a ménage, you get the same thing, I know
Haha, y'all can miss me with the lying
You miss your girl, she here lying, next to me
She in ecstasy, without Ecstasy
Took picture with me (why?), just for her ex to see (right)
Ha, said the nigga hate me
She gon' make the nigga hate that he ain't me (haha)
Especially these Louie Vuittons, know I'm fly
I call 'em the Knick game, they got the Spikes on the side
Oh, what you lookin for ya wife? She inside
Where you parked? She just part of my park, she'll slide (haha)
Ha, the streets still say I'm hard
And you can take her phone, I bet she still call me god, uh


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