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"Speaking In Tungs"

[Verse 1 - Vado]
What you mean what you need ma?
Yeah, you doing your thing ma
Ass crack is seen under ya jeans ma
Let me place a single right in between ma
Late nights, you could let him in
Tell a friend, tell a friend how my cheddar spend
Most definite
Where ever my crew at, it's most definite
You ain't got no wins in mi casa
Maggianos hoppin out the Benz like a mobster
Pasta, Pellegrino, penne alla vodka
Lobster, Filipino talking to me proper
Uh hu, uh hu
Whoa, whoa
You go slime, its your time
Put your bracelets in the air and let that gold shine

Ma, what's really whats good
Because if I get some have her speaking in tongues
Like what you say
Ah Ciroc poppin', what's poppin'
Mix coke and rum weed got us both numb
Like what you say

[Verse 2 - Cam'ron]
Mommy like athletes, I start to laugh again
Whats your last name, boo? Kardashian?
Yeah I got owner money
Motorcycles motor homes, yeah I own it honey
Rap now, change plans
Might of seen me on Gangland
Count numbers: Rain Man
Bowling alley, stay in your lane fam
Check the check though
XO neck glow
Chain borrow, hollow, echo
Tech blow, wet though
Let's go metro
Politan area
Killa with the X flow
I do what I do what I does
I do what I want love is love
My nickname is spit game, shit mang
Ice on the arm, no wrist sprain


[Verse 3 - Vado]
Tell me something I wanna hear
Trench coat and heals is nothing you wanna wear
Put your friend on, she wanna stare
Chicks like airs, every weekend I want a pair
It's a family affair, only the fam here
Whole Harlem, uptown we staying here
Chrome bottles bracelets and chandeliers
No Vado ain't rich, but damn near
As long as his man Cam near
They like Remo and Sam running the Tangiers
Like what you said ya, enough talk
Want the G-IV to land where


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