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[Produced by SAP]

[Verse 1]
Gotta keep living show the heavy hustle
Like we swimming givin' work out to every muscle
Life's a bitch just don't let it fuck you
Success putting up a fight because you never tussled
Struggled as a soldier in the trap late
The world on your shoulders give you backaches
Back and forth with numbers like I crack safes
You can't bring nothing to the table this your last plate
I'm Sinatra, superstar leverage
Here to see the Godfather at a mob wedding
Hard bottoms, hard measures, was hard-headed
Took assignments, ran off, you all debted
Got store credit from credit card scammin'
Inside planning, told a bank that [?]
Hard to smile but I keep grinning
My bathroom marble tile tells me keep winning
Funny how the spotlight keep dimming
[?] a meaner demeanor I just keep sendin'
Fuckin' with this rap I'm addicted
I felt like niggas was blackball listed
New deal, couple racks on the M6
Finally got that monkey off my back on some French shit
Niggas all in your mouth like a dentist
So dig this, play my close niggas from a distance
It's the new camp, know you hatin' but you can't
Finally blazin' a new plant, takin' niggas like Durant
Tre 5 was on me on Tre 9 [?]
A busy night shift but the daytime be lonely
Pull out the white [?] in the Daytona rollie
One top'll get you hit like Frank told to Tony
Money out of violence and drugs of course
Vado be that thug of course

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