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"No Surrender"

[Hook: Mr. Probz]
You know, you know I got to get it
My heart is still cold, Beware the blizzard
We born to get money so we live it
New calls to my phone I'm like 'who is it?'
Look around, stay down, the streets will grab you
You came and you went, good not to have you
You're gone, they moved on and don't remember
Same songs, stay strong, ain't no surrender

[Verse 1]
Feels like I'm in a dream
Check my Roley a few times a day
Skies the limit, live it
Go tell niggas I found a way
D-borders will drown your pray, down you lay
Then up your my name goes
Except my trophy, same pose
Mink always open, came close
Who want to play?
Them bloggers got your ego tree high
You fucked some bitches, sold some records
Now you think your me huh
Sincerely me, I've given all of you
I'm sketching out, hope my doubters see my memorial
Over powering audio, storm showering all of you
By my lonely is my audible, slaughter through you recorder
Employer handle your order
Wanted man every corner
You came and went with the wind
Since when did you get that aura
Been getting money, can't no money change me
They love me around the world
Them boys ain't went nowhere but crazy
Party spinning, spitting on the one you call your lady
Every other day they on you
You've been rolling lately

[Hook: Mr. Probz]

[Verse 2]
You want to get to know me but these records done mess your views up
Running from what you're used to, you came to a nigga bruised up
Like you ain't know that I was sharp, must want a new cut
Manage to keep a bandage so the plan is
Leave your love where your man is
Be above all the cameras, you're caught up in the high
And going to be double damage, the partying leads to bullshit
Why you club with them hammers?
Money can't buy you love, you ain't got it then minds you manners
Honor is all that matters. how you do? how the fam is?
You skipped the penitentiary, hallelujahs, and cannons
Pardon the rumors, they ram us
No opinion matters more than yours, believe in you
They hunger is scary, this is for those that got to stick it through
Through all the ups and downs you stuck around
Until this day my cold flow fucks up the town
Get green, deuce up the crowd
I go to bed with my nina, boo'd up and proud
Purple and green are my stream, shoot up with loud

[Hook: Mr. Probz]

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