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"Lead The Blind"

[Verse 1]
Shorty got that look in her eyes
Like she ain't supposed to like me
You know women and lies
I'm seeing through her with my 20/20
Zels on, thin sweater
I brung a summer flurry, buried in Gs
Now bitch please
You know me and her don't go
Together, we hardly know each other
We probably boned few times and on the road
Took me granted, can't get my time no more
Stuck in the way all day, fucking with the lana flow
So for her to go is necessary, made too big a mess already
Hit you maybe, never worry
Sister, take me out ya celly
Been nailing so much the house is steady
You get back what you put in
And I ain't gonna vouch for many
I'm in the mouth of plenty
Petty, ain't about no Fendi
Bet he ran up in every, neighborhood Halle Berry
May they go wild with Cherri
Cherries and honey dripping
Sleep in a pile of pussy, wake up to money getting

You see the signs
She feels the heat coming off, she needs to shine
The crew goes too, hoes lead blind
I'm gonna have my way with 'em in time
Don't worry, girl, it's all in your mind
When over here unwind
I pray the way I'm living don't switch
I got a Black, White, Asian, and Dominican mix
We ever in the same club she'll probably been in my grips
Showing pussy all on the flicks, I got the gift

[Verse 2]
A diamond bumped into me on the humble
Couldn't handle the prize, I caught the fumble
She's tugging my arm, little the scuffle
Somebody got washed, collision crumble
She's leaving and ah! we hit the tunnel
There's chemistry in the car, unloose the buckle
Easy as hell to stay single, I'm used to double
Look at my reign, hundred showers on my campaign
I beat it every day, every night is kicking champagne
You rookies don't rhyme right in the limelight
Motion picture visions, that's what my mind's like
Time for Banks to fly, they fucking with me
Cause I ain't gon' lie
I pick'em and roll, gone 'fore the make-up dry
She got a thing for me, that's swarming and makes her lie
I drop her off later, the formula takes ya high
Wrong when I wave'em bye, normal I don't get back
Don't hate the player, hate the pack
What's fucking with that?


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