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"You Wish"

[Verse 1]
Tell me you love me, now tell the world you love me louder
The most beautifulest things come with ugly power
For now, it's bubbly hour. We're celebrating, right?
Big dreamer, a taste for heights
One of the greatest teachers takes advice
One of the peace MCs takes your life
Cold ass world, I had to break the ice
Know that girl, you're about to make a wife
Nights like this, you need the pipe whites six
Flip TV's to play your highlight clips
Thought I'd be done, taking the mob path
Man plays, God laughs somewhere between my evens and odd clash
You give your life to the ghetto, get nothing from it
The shorties run when they see me, I give'em hundreds, most wanted

Broke my way out of the trap
Looking for change? Good! I got that exact
My time is now. I'll die for something
Came from nothing, went to far to look back
Can't even have my style, niggas took that
Get where you're going. Wish they could, black
Rather they shoot you down, another reason to fly
Reason I'm never coming down again
Ain't shit here for me. You see me high...high...

[Verse 2]
Life's a bitch, since when you know me sweat her?
"I" is the only letter, tend to outshine
Find me the golden era
Naw! I can't stop. I owe that to my grandpop
The glow that made the hand hot
Beat too much soldiers in the sandbox
I got the hoes hiking, don't know a flow like him
Feels like I've been here before
Ironic, I'm ghost writing
Chronic and gold lightening
Illuminate I'm hype when
I lose them playing them twice then
Them rules that'll cage your life in
Been feeling it's my time again
Spill my survival gems
The rap game in question and I'm young Iverson
My dawg in a jam and I got to ride with him
It's all out of hand when they let the rivals in
To the sky with them


[Verse 3]
The furthest thing born perfect and I deserve it
Ran out of my Momma's worth it
One of a kind, design of grimy surface
They leave you a body, does seem like the Churches
Ok to get high, just don't get out your purpose - worthless
Mad man, I feel like it's working
Lay down my shit, then leave the studio hurting
Killing in two leagues, I'm Julius Erving
A star was born in April
That's what I'm shooting for when
Back to the future, boy
I'm in the booth, I'm super Lloyd
C notes sing your heart's serenade
Samples of separation
Foulest shit they ever made
I spot my people, the same corner we laugh pain
Said, "I ain't lose a step" knew me since half days


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