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"Never Trust"

Let Me Out
Dawg… Let Me Out
Black what up?
Let’s Go Fools

[Verse 1:] [Styles P]
Whatever rapper think he the best he the copy
Need to see me, I run the city you need a block
Whoever your shooter is
Should know who the shakers and movers is
Know where the dealers and jewellers is
Hand on the gat, that’s such a medula kid
The good, the bad, the ugly
When Vince made buggy eyes
Homicides occur whenever the money rise
You don’t want your brains on the sunny side
Eggs sinking, legs crushed
I ain't never rapped, never said much (never said shit)
Niggas fed up in the fed clutch
Niggas on the run in the dress or they dread up
I know the pain well cause I come from it (I knew the pain)
A nigga catch a body then he run from it
Loading up the clip you hollow tip for dumb dummy
That’s if you out there like that
You never let a nigga say “I’ll be right back”

Shooters, Hustlers, Private customers
You ain’t bout that life then don’t fuck with us
You about that mob then get in touch with us
But we ain’t God so don’t trust in us

[Verse 2:] [Chris Rivers]
The only thing I fucking trust is just my word and my nuts
Maybe my words, my nuts be on they shit when they bust
That’s all I got though
Trust no man, woman or gato
Pussy got the power to turn the nigga to fossils
All you dimes out fucking these whores getting sores
Getting divorced cause shorty came to your door
Poor decision, forced admission, lost with your flawless wisdom
You ain't listen, causes a four collission
That’s the truth nigga
Bet your crew would be aloof
Quicker than mute [?]
If other dudes would pull triggers
And that’s sad, high fives and a back stab
When you need a nigga he gone like a bad dad
Fuck custody, trust is just a false luxury
Sleep with one eye open long enough you do it comfortably
It’s all about developing habits
Watch you watch your own back before you fall in the casket


[Verse 3:] [Styles P]
I’m an animal but I’m civilised
I’m sophisticated but niggarised
It’s the fly shit that I visualise
That make a nigga ride, till a nigga die
So it’s all for the green
Or the dream in the nightmare or the nightmare in the dream
I don’t go to sleep so ya’ll don’t know what I mean
You can look where I’m looking but ya’ll don’t know what I’ve seen


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