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Niggas they be cuffin'
Girlies they be cuffin'
Tell you not for nothing
Niggas they be cuffin'
Girlies they be cuffin'
Niggas just be cuffin'
'times niggas cuffin'
Tell not for nothing
Niggas be cuffin'
Heard niggas cuffin'
Girlies, girlies they be cuffin'
Everybody cuff, cuff

[Verse 1: Cam'ron]
Yo, I get Velveta, chain Antartica
I don't wanna keep your girl, just wanna borrow her
So partner, I heard that your starving her
My cheese American, but the cars are foreigner
But women they be cuffin', they be not for nothing
Boo, I'm not your husband, end of discussion
Diamonds well they rushin', mami, why you rushin'
No I'm not your muffin, don't call me pumpkin
We was only humpin', you are a jumpoff
Me? I get it jumpin', baby girl fallback
Thought that I was all that but she had a big ass
That's what you call crack, you should get your jaw cracked
See if they restore that, fighting over bitches
Look here, your broad wack, you should learn to lore black
When it comes to whores, Jack, you do not own one
Girls get jawed tapped, yours tapped (yours tapped)

But niggas they be cuffin', no, I'm not bluffin'
Swear they be cuffin', no, not for nothing
Women they be cuffin', call a nigga pumpkin
Sounding like a muffin', yea, they be cuffin'

[Verse 2: Vado]
No gunna clap throw a hundred stacks
Seen your ex girl with me, now you want her back
You want her back, here's the baton
You can run with that, no coming back
I move along like I'm done with that
Cause niggas always cuffin' Knowing I be fucking
Homie you a muffin' carve you like a pumpkin
Who you think you punkin', Always into something
Fifty grand is nothing, especially when you hustlin'
Few bottle, two models, on me front back
Slim jeans, Loui ski boots, unstrapped
Look at the glow, I get your ho to come off one snap
She got me pinned up to the wall like a thumb tack
You already know this, money, I control this
Seven - Fifty notice, staring like a goldfish
Rollie that's a gold wrist cromie that's a Four - Fifth
Pockets know how to hold chips, hold six


[Verse 3: Gucci Mane]
I'm chillin' like a villian and I'm gellin' like a felon
You flexin' like a Mexican and cuffin like a Russian
Homie, you can have her, I don't wanna marry her
Like OJ Simpson, I just wanna stab her
Like OJ The Juiceman, I'm flier than a sparrow
Retarded ass earrings, just call em' Lil' Daryl
Shaving but it's crazy I can't let no ho play me
Gotta sign a prenup now if they date me, well
It's Gucci, rawer that raw sushi
Gangster like all of my movies, if it's good don't act boogie
Your boyfriend home, but his girlfriend out sick
My dick in her mouth, sound like she got an accent


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