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"Deep Cover"

Shit man.. (We the.. We the..)
Bobby Trends (Coke Boyz shit).. shake the muthafucking block
(Most Hated..) Vado wadup fool (slime..)

Only the Lord knows, we gon pull up on their block
And I ain't talking star attendance when I mention I throw em a shot
Hit with the oh-wop, return the cofetti
I stack lead cakes, run up in yo safe and get them lil debbies
I throw it up and let it touch the floor
Hit the blinds, shut the door, when we done we that, we count 200 more
We in the majors, you niggas little league mic flaming
Young but hood nigga, I still get my chicken from Kennedys

Creep with me as I slide through yo villas with my slimes and gorillas
Heavy .9s and the killas, four wheelin' up a one way street
Takin' selfies, screamin' fuck the police, (hahhh) yeah
Yo what happened? Came through like what's crackin?
You gave a quarter mil, but whats the deal on the backin?
Saw 'em on the hill, Ain't have his steel, so I tapped 'em
On his back then I dapped em, seen his chain, then I yapped em

And we ain't take it to the pawnshop drop
With the palm Glock even in the rag or the hard tops
Swervin' on the bitches with them digits, you a long shot
All about the business, four wheelin' off the car lot

Yo, what's the mission? With this chicken up in Far Rock?
I know I be trippin', neva listenin' to my mom, pops
Four fifthin' a case of slippin' on the wrong block
Raw, I used to stash the knots in the long socks

Like my brother Bobby Trends be shakin' the bloque
Shawty thinkin' red sticks, I'm thinkin' Chipotle
Lil mean chick, ass thick and she bole
Tryna find a nigga that's contrib', but I don't donate

I'm ok, I ain't got the time but a rolley
Ya know me, I could get a dime from my oyey
That Sport yay, Nike, Louis Vuitton and Adidas
Rubicon with the jeepers
Hear the song through your speakers

It'll be a cold day in hell for they take him out
Whores drop draws when the Porsche or the Wraith is out
On the top floor like the broad's face stickin' out
Young niggas came up in the game, Vado take 'em out

Harlem world fam, You thought Cam and Ma$e was out
Place 'em out, killa in the mask, brung Jason out
We can shake it out, have a few Jamaicans out
Waitin' outside fo' yo trash to be taken out

Yeah, and ya don't stop! (We the best as hot and coke boys got the streets locked)
Yeah, and ya don't stop! (And the rest is pop, ya want war, keep the heat cocked)
Yeah, and ya don't stop! (At ya door like knock, you open up, get yo peep shot)
Yeah, and ya don't stop! (Cuz this 187 on da muthafuckin' block)

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