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"I Gotta Eat"

[Verse 1: Fred The Godson]
Fred, know how we all cake – brick of raw weight
Picture me getting rich, not using poor traits
I orchestrate to pay bills
I can shoot a jump shot with a bag of money, Jae Millz
What up, sir? Got the bright tan fur
On the phone with the left hand while the right hand stir
Think about all the money we run through
Won’t stop ‘till my niggas get 150 a bundle
I’m on the block, holler – top dollar
I’m talking G money, like Nino with the Rottweiler
Blackjack at the casino with some guap fallin'
Sit back just like in the back of that Impala
TV and block work, I’m on it, what?
Fred hot out here, nah, I’m warming up
Millz hit my phone and said he got a beat
Well, bring a fork and a plate, nigga, I gotta eat

[Hook: Jae Millz]
Crusing in my jeep
Thinking of a master plan, why these niggas sleep?
And while these niggas sleep, I’m out here in these streets
Chasing dead presidents ‘cause a nigga gotta eat
Yeah, nigga, I gotta eat
No food on the table, then the fam can’t sleep
I pray to God I don’t kill a nigga
But if I do, God’ll be with it, nigga

[Verse 2: Jae Millz]
Only time can tell how the clock tick
Cold-ass Coupe, R&B hot chick
Three personalities, call me tri-polar
Heard my enemy got cancer – good, he’ll die slower
I’m thinkin’ death – ‘cause life seems scary
Just pass the gravy, on his whole hood, Hail Mary
I ain’t chilling
‘Till the mansion four floors, all the walls got awards
And my team ain’t gotta worry
Niggas say my time is coming, it’d better hurry
‘Cause millions I’m tryna bury before I’m buried
My chick early twenties but she think like she 30
Yeah, she roll with me, so I gotta make her closet furry
That 850, I got a nigga saving his chips
‘Cause right along with that I need the four-door 6
Grand Coupin’, translucent roofin’
That’s why my grind’s stupid, stupid


[Verse 3: Vado]
Yes - I ain’t ask to be boss, but I appear to
Techs under the seat, keep checkin’ my rearview
Never duck when it’s beef, bread, I give a clear view
Feel who in the streets? Come try me, I dare you
Damn kids don’t understand, live
Just know to die or ride for who their fam is
After the dark, Allah, scram in my man crib
Word is, niggas ain’t rob him, but his man did
We keep that in the circle
Three stacks for the purple, you need that if it’s work
You see? Always pulling on these two straps like Urkel
Move back, I’ll hurt you – shoot back and murk you
I call it extorting, y’all call it paying dues
Like I’m dolo at a table with a plate of food
Up North is dead ‘till it’s read in the Daily News
Player’s Ball, I play the wall in my gator shoes


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