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Rasputina Lyrics

Great American Gingerbread: Rasputina Rarities & Neglected Items (2011)

My Fever Broke (2002)

Transylvanian Regurgitations (1997)

Track 11 part 1 on Oh Perilous World

Track 11 part 2 on Oh Perilous World

Other Songs

"Transylvanian Concubine (Yes Sir, Mr Sir Mix)"
1816, The Year Without A Summer
1816, The Year Without a Summer by Rasputina
A quitter
A Retinue Of Moons
Afternoon Of The Faun
All Tomorrow's Parties
American Girl
Any Old Actress
Bad Moon Rising
Brand New Key
Cage In A Cave
Calico Indians
Choose Me For Champion
Christian Soldiers
Dark February
Diamond Mind
Dig Ophelia
Doomsday averted
Five Fleas
Gingerbread Coffin
Girl Lunar Explorer
Green Finch/Johanna
Herb Girls Of Birkenau
High On Life
Holocaust Of Giants
How We Quit The Forest
Howard Hughes
Humankind, As The Sailor
Hunter's Kiss
I Go To Sleep (The Pretenders Cover)
I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper
If Your Kisses Can't Hold The Man You Love
Kate Moss
Kinderhook Hoopskirt Works
Meant To Be Dutch
Mr. E. Leon Rauis
My Captivity By Savages
My Little Shirtwaist Fire
My Night Sky
My Orphanage
Oh, Injury
Our Lies
PJ + Vincent & Matthew + Bjork
Possum of the grotto
Remnants Of Percy Bass
Retinue of Moons/The Infidel Is Me by Rasputina
Rock and Roll
Rose K.
Saline The Salt Lake Queen
Secret Message
Sign Of The Zodiac
Sister Sleep
Snow-Hen Of Austerlitz
Soon Forget
State Fair
Sweet Sister Temperance
Sweet Water Kill (The Ocean Song)
The 2 Miss Leavens
The Donner Party
The Fox In The Snow
The Infidel Is Me
The Mayor
The New Zero
The Olde Headboard
The Vaulted Eel
Thimble Island
Things I'm Gonna Do
This Little Piggy
This, My Porcelain Life
Transylvanian Concubine
Transylvanian Concubine (The Manson Mix Radio Edit)
Utopian Society
Watch T.V.
When i count...
Why Don't You Do Right by Rasputina
Why Don't You Do Right?
Wicked Dickie
Wish You Were Here
You Don't Own Me
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