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Adam Levine

"Za Intro (The Papercut Chronicles II)"

Remember me?
Back in 2005
I introduced the world
To The Papercut Chronicles
Now I'm back from retirement
To blow your mind once again
But what is a mind?
Is it a simple conglomeration
Of neuron-transmutation
Or a dense emptiness where
Immortal dreams lay to die?
Some say one's mind is a state
But is Pennsyltucky a state?
No, not since 1985
One moon to the next
The selenophobic skies sparkle
Between the darkest of stars
Like the dance of an inanimate sparrow
Wallowing amidst the iridescent shadow
A marsupial fetus bellows beats
Across a melodic menagerie
And with a fleeting slothfulness
The silent sounds of an invisible mountain rise
Below the cloud forest
But if a forest makes a sound
Does a fallen tree hear it?
No one can know, except for those that do
For a cocoon of love is nothing
If not a prison of sorrow
And out of love and sorrow
A callous confusion creeps
Into your conscious
Germinating into the rhythm
Of harmonies never forgotten

Ladies and gentlemen
I give you The Papercut Chronicles Part II

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