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Rappin' 4-Tay Lyrics

Derty Werk (1999)

The Best of Celly Cel (1999)

Urban Rapsody (1997)

Rappin' 4-Tay is Back (1991)

90% Street, 10% Rap

Born To Be A Player

Introduction to Mackin'

Money, Trees & Real Estate

Rappin' 4-Tay Presents: LiL' Gang$ta

Other Songs

360 Degrees
A Message for Your Mind
Act Like Ya Want It
Back Again
Black Widow
Call It Waht You Want Too
Can U Buckem'
Check Ya Self
Dank Season
Das OK
Don't Fight the Feelin'
Don't Fight the Feeling
Every Third Brother
I Got Cha Back
I Paid My Dues
I'll Be Around
I'll Be Around (Timber Mix)
It's Going Down (Fo Sheezy Remix)
Just Cause I Called You A Bitch
Keep One In The Chamba
Lay Ya Gunz Down
My Alphabets
Never Sober
Never Talk Down
New Trump
Off Parole
Only God Can Judge Me
Out 4000
Picture A Nigga
Playa 4 Life
Playaz Club
Playaz Dedication
Players Holiday
She's A Sell Out
Sucka Free
Sweet Love
Tear The Roof Off
The Gift
The Intro
This Is What I Know
Throw it Up
To My Ballerz (Colabo)
Ups and Downs
Urban Rapsody
What's Wrong
What's Wrong Wit the Game
Where I'm From Remix
Win or Lose
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