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Mike Posner

"Attitudes (Blaze to This)"

[Mike Posner]
Why do fine girls always have attitudes?
You say one thing wrong, they get mad at you
You try and loosen them up with a glass or two
Why do fine girls always have attitudes, attitudes, yeah

My friends back home, always ask me:
"Mike, why you date no supermodels?"
Well, the truth is that they're too damn skinny and
Always order big ol' bottles, of Cristal, fuck that
No necklaces, I got a one track mind
They can't figure out why
Somebody tell me


My friends back home always ask me:
"Mike, why you date no actresses?"
Well, I banged a few, but all they ever do is
Talk 'bout being actresses
And I don't care, about your job
Who your co-star is, go suck his cock
Cause it doesn't make a difference to me, no
I need a down chick

[Casey Veggies]
A long flight, she was in the middle
Met a model chick on the plane
She was thinkin' 'bout gettin' some sleep and
I was thinkin' 'bout gettin' some brain
I was starin' all at her ass when I forgot to ask her name
That's a shame, I'm a dog, need to be tamed, gimme a call
Said her favorite song last year was "Blame It On that Alcohol"
At the bar, before the flight, gettin' shots, feelin' right
At the end of the day, she realize I'm a young nigga just livin' life
You get it right, I spend a stack or two
Her attitude determine latitude, like, (like, like, like)


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