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Mike Posner

"Only Thing We Know"

[Verse 1]
I hate dreaming, cause I'm awake scheming
You talk down my stocks, hope we break even
I ain't fully weathered I got clothes for every season
Rewind all those years, you'll find a million reasons
You turn a cheek now you claiming that you see this
Once they say they love me, they gun' label me a genius
You said I shouldn't even bother leaving as a semen
Out the penis of my father, ain't no fat bitch singing opera
Fuck that '96 Altima I use to whip around
Use to flip over the cushions when the tank was getting down
Just from kicking and pushing look at what we getting now
I get dab's and good looking's cause of what was written down
I don't talk to my brother, he ain't Robert I ain't Raymond
But let me quit my bitchin' I know you tired of me complaining
We ain't cut from the same cloth, I'm bad at fabricating
Tell 'em Cuey ain't plain its beyond entertaining

Let me get my cash up, let me get my cash up
Cause your two cents don't really fucking add up
Its kinda getting old
Let me get my cash up, let me get my cash up
Cause what we doing now is the only thing we know
& you try to call the phones but sorry we ain't at home, we too busy about to blow
Ain't doing what we know, its the only thing we know

[Verse 2]
Work hard, but yeah you know I gotta
When you grow up bothered, cop a lot of shit to fix what's inside ya
I see they offers, take a look at my rider
You ain't bugging, my name getting bigger on flyers
With dames sucking my wang up while they humming Kya
Came up with no name so it just makes me liver
Got that mass appeal, raps are ill, have to feel
Never said what I wanted, fuck it I'mma crack the seal
I don't care if you buzzing or if you have a deal
My competition is either dead or worth half a 'bill
But y'all hate me, tell me what I'm doing
Don't forget we in the same league, call me Cam Newton
Run shit like Mr. Spacely see me in the future
If the lens ain't faced me why the camera shooting?
I don't know, its a waste see, you know what we doing
You don't like it, you can't change me, that bullshit we moving


[Verse 3]
Love money, but yeah you know I have to
When you grow up half bastard every fucking penny matters
Nothing to something... the story of a rapper
Look at me, what you want? I'm the one she jocking after
Reason why she left your ass, homie you don't stroke her right
I have sleepovers at her house, her mother find me so polite
Open mics turning into parties with the socialites
No matter how long it take they always say its overnight
I'mma pop bottles like I'm Dame Dash in Big Pimpin'
Did you just misspell name tags for a plane ticket?
It ain't luck its hard work cause this shit ain't written
She think I suck, but want to suck me; It's the same difference
I smell like hard work paying off
Your opinion change while we maintaining ours
Cause this the shit that happen when you follow your heart
I'mma watch this play out till you all fall apart


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