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Mike Posner

"Who Knows"

[Hook - Mike Posner]
Sometimes my mind wanders away from me
I know
I light my dutchy up puff maybe one day I'll fly
Who knows? Who knows? Who knows? (I know)
Who Knows?(I know)

[Verse 1 - Big Sean]
I wish that I could be what I want to
I wish that I would do what I don't do
I need a miracle; I hope it come through
I'm trying to work it out; I need a jumpsuit (damn)
Cause I don' 'bout had me enough of not havin' enough, slackin' and stuff
Mama on the phone not braggin' or nothin'
Cause her son ain't really got shit happenin' much
Saw my bank account like where is all the "O's" at?
Hit the club like where is all the hoes at?
Get a little change you gonna see how shit change
You gon' be up in the crib like where is all her clothes at?
And ask your girl she know it easy to say no to a nigga that's broke
But somebody with dough that got a little more?
Shit...I don't know


[Verse 2 - Big Sean]
And I always had drive
Get's where I'm going if I ain't got a ride
And when they ask, "Do you do what you love?"
I'mma say, "I do" if I ain't got a bride
And I always kept Faith like B.I.G
Tryna do it big until my crib on Cribs
Man my girl ain't got to worry about shit
Cause our world is going be the shit
So she can tell her mom I'm a keeper
I am a dreamer, I could of been a king, huh
I'mma put my hands together like an applaud
And look upward, like what up Lord
I know if you try to you can turn these gray skies back to sky blue
Was made for the give and go like a drive-thru
Give us opportunity and see what we do with it


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