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Mike Posner

"Going Through Hell"

[Hook: Mike Posner]
Driving Cadillacs through the ATL
Trying to make it to Heaven
So I'm going through Hell
Nobody knows my pain
So my cup is full
I'm trying to make it to Heaven
So I'm going through Hell

[Verse 1]
Fucked up as a kid, never finished school
Dad was never home, Mom was miserable
They just got divorced, all I got's my boys
All of us on drugs, burning packs of ports
Life done ran its course, years went flying by
Homie's back in jail, I am not surprised
They gave him a second chance, caught his final strike
He probably gon' die inside, they just gave him life
When life's unstable I, try to pray but my
Prayers ain't gettin' heard, at night I keep begging to God
To show me a way my boss just fired me from my job
Afraid I'll lose my ride, my payments are way behind
I'm back to selling pills, scared of going to jail
Fighting with my girl, things are looking bad
I'm thinking she's fucking her ex and I just whooped his ass
My knuckles are bleeding all over the dash in my Cadillac


[Verse 2]
Hoping the weed gives me relief
Try to envision the future but how can I possibly succeed
My dreams are bleak, I need to go to church
Hate when people preach, faithfully believe in Jesus
Recently The Devil won't leave me be
My lady just told me she pregnant and begging that we can keep The baby that she conceived
I wouldn't consider it, told her we got to get rid of it
Why are you tripping and acting like you don't remember what we agreed
Was thinking about myself, selfish and overwhelmed
I just paid to kill my unborn child
The guilt was setting in, I felt like filth
There's people picketing outside this building
Saying I'm going to Hell
But I was just a child, cloudy memory
Some mistakes you make in life are meant to be
But shit will come to pass, sippin' bumping Kast
Reminiscing 'bout the past in my Cadillac


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