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Mike Posner

"Bang Bang!"

These bitches love donuts
Krispy Kreme donuts
Make a fat bitch go nuts
Slumpin' on dat sofa
Drinkin on a soda
Pepsi, Coca-Cola
Stand up she fall ova
Wide like a Toyota
Hawaians say aloha
While they do the hula
Fat like a balluga
Need to do some yoga
Spanish girls say hola
While they eat some salsa
I be eating okra
That shit be so good

[Verse 1]
Fat bitches love donuts
Asian girls like sova
Spanish chicks eat salsa
I like eating okra
Didn't vote for S.O.P.A
That would be so dumb
I break laws so much
I wish I had a toga
I like Dean Ambrose
Bang Bang, like Mick Foley
I think I got a boner
It's an Andaconda
Do you like my flow boy?
I stole this shit from Sosa
Drinkin AriZona
That shit be so good
I don't freakin know boy
Why you on da phone boy?
Have you seen Old Boy?
That's my favorite movie
Smoking on a Hookah
Eat Fanny like Dakota
I wanna play the Tuba
But I don't know how boy

These bitches like Coca
Like Lindsey Lohan
I'm Tony Montana
I be up in Cuba
Eatin Tapioca
Thats my favorite puddin'
Look like Piccollo, boy
Way you so damn Annoyed
You a big homo, boy
I know you like to blow boys
You is just a fuck boy
You like eatin cock boy
You girl's legs is open
I'm about to go in
I should get a trophy
Cause I'm so well spoken

[Verse 2]
These bitches want a photo
Cause I am so awesome
I am so well known, boy
Everywhere I go, boy
Bithces want my slong, boy
Cause it be so long, boy
When we get done fuckin
Autograph the condom
Yes I be so awesome
These chicks can't get enough boy
Please don't call my bluff boy
Yes I'm lyin, so what, boy?
Your sister is a slut, boy
Do not ask what's up, boy
I be goin nuts, boy
I do it all for Sosa

These bitches love pussy
They be so lesbo's, boy
You should prolly go, boy
Yo mom comin ova
I'm so freakin awesome
These bitches love my ballsack
And did you know, boy
I got yo Dame like Notre
These bitches....
Yeah I freakin do, boy
Pillsbury Doughboy
I make lots of dough, boy
She be gettin low, boy
Put it in her throat, boy
You should prolly go, boy
Yo chick wanna bone, boy
These bitches like...

It's ova

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